Thursday, August 13, 2020

They eat 10,000 Dogs They Cook them alive!!.


They eat 10,000 dogs ... Information about the annual dog meat festival in China

The controversial dog meat festival opened in China, despite government attempts to ban it for health reasons stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic.

This comes as experts warn that the annual dog meat festival in the city may be a "fertile ground" for diseases and pose a major threat to public health, according to the "Russia Today" website.

 the following information about the annual dog meat festival, according to the British newspaper, The Independent.

Dog meat festival

Also known as the Yulin Festival or "Lychee and Dog Meat", it is an annual 10-day event where more than 10,000 dogs are eaten. Cat meat, fresh lychee fruit (which is similar to strawberry) and alcoholic drinks are also available at the festival.

When is the annual festival held?

Held in Yulin, Guangxi Province, China, it runs from June 21-30 during one of the hottest weeks of the year.

Why do the Chinese eat everything?

A Chinese writer spotted four reasons why the Chinese eat everything, including bats, dogs and donkeys, in an attempt to answer a question the whole world is asking, namely: "Why do the Chinese eat everything?"

"There is a joke about the Chinese (Cantonese) people, it says: Whatever is on four legs, not a table, a Cantonese can eat it," said Chinese journalist Jessica Novia in an article on the "Gold Thread 2" website, which specializes in Chinese culture. What is with wings and not a plane, and everything that floats in the water is not a submarine. "

The author adds, in attempts to answer the basic question: Chinese cuisine has become in the spotlight, and there is much talk about the Chinese table, which is not without any living creatures. Everyone was confirming that the Chinese really eat "everything", from dog meat to bats.

"Novia" confirms that Chinese cuisine does contain animal products that are not found in other kitchens around the world, but a lot of that relates to history, geography and culture, according to the electronic " ".

She adds: I remember when I was nine years old that my father wanted me to eat a piece of "sea cucumber", which is a marine animal, but I refused vehemently, left the table, went to my room, and closed it on me, so my father told me, "You are not Chinese."

The author lists four reasons that make the Chinese people seem to eat "everything":

China is the most abundant animal species on Earth

Nowadays the world consumes mostly beef, chicken and pork, but this was not the case before; Before the advent of industrial agriculture in the twentieth century, the British sold horse meat in the streets, and they remained so until the thirties of the twentieth century, and Americans ate crocodile meat, and the Chinese were no different from all of these.

But with industrial agriculture, farmers began to establish farms of chickens, cows and pigs, and these became the three options for protein intake; People abstained from eating horse, crocodile and other meat.

And because China has 10 percent of plant species and 14 percent of animal species in the world, the Chinese have many choices; Some continued to eat animal meat that the world gave up on.

Food is part of Chinese folk medicine

As is the case with herbs among the Arabs, in traditional Chinese medicine there is no difference between food and medicine, according to the old Chinese saying, "Food and medicine are one thing."

For example: The Chinese believe that eating donkey skin helps improve blood circulation and treat anemia. And if you suffer from asthma, your TCM doctor may encourage you to eat more bat meat!

The texts of folk Chinese medicine include more than 1,500 animal species, which can be used for medicinal purposes; Thus, many of the most controversial Chinese dishes, which Westerners will not touch, are not daily dishes that the average Chinese place on the dining table, but rather a medicine, used to treat certain diseases.

Most Chinese people do not follow any religion that places restrictions on them when eating

Novia says: Many of the world's religions have guidelines about what types of food and what can or cannot be eaten. In Islam there is halal food, and in Judaism kosher, which is “halal” food, according to Jewish rulings .. But in China 90% of people define themselves that they are not of any religion; Society in general does not have taboos about what can and cannot be eaten.

The Chinese government supports the raising of wild animals

In 1978 the Communist government began to liberalize the Chinese economy, and began allowing private companies to establish industrial farms for agriculture and animal husbandry; Beef, chicken and pork producers began to hunt and raise wild animals, and small farmers began to raise wild animals, such as snakes and turtles.

And when the government felt that these booming industrial farms could help feed poor people in rural areas, it supported these farms; A law was issued in 1988 that encourages the raising of wild animals for various purposes, including food.

And as China got richer in recent years, the government banned the consumption of wild animals; In 2016 the law was amended; To limit the raising of wild animals specifically for scientific research and for their preservation, but by that time the wildlife breeding industry was already booming; Millions of people use them, and they feed millions of others.

And end, "Novia" wondering: Despite all this, do the Chinese eat everything? The answer came in a poll conducted by the Wildlife Conservation Agency in China in 2020, and included about 10,000 people, in which less than 1% of respondents said they would continue to eat wild animals.