Thursday, July 2, 2020

worst instagram Vs reality pictures in 2020

Social media is a breeding ground for facetune and photoshop, it's unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don't! 🤔🔎
Here is Some Pictures : 

What are these abs? Clone stamp in Photoshop?

That’s a solid 12 pack right there.

iwas shocked whem i see that told to myself how that could be !!!!
OMG!! thats an extremly big change !!!!!!
i mean in her vids with makeup the looks pretty much how the left does just not as slim faced

How bangs can change your whole face

Ok she obviously has had a lot more than bangs done to change her face, but the sentiment still stands.
When I pull my hair back, I’m forehead mcforehead and I look like I have one of those ancient Japanese chonmages. Bangs make my face look smaller though.

as you can see here there is much diffrences between them