Tuesday, July 28, 2020

This is the strange story Behind of the young woman who pretending to be a dog

The strange story of the young woman who makes a living pretending to be a dog

The strange story of the young woman who makes a living pretending to be a dog

Pets are great companions, which is why people love having one so much.

Among all types of pets, everyone's favorite is the dog, which as everyone already knows, is man's best friend.

Young Jenna Phillips is no different, she also loves animals, especially dogs, and feels that she has a great and strong connection with four-legged friends.

Jenna Phillips

But who is Jenna Phillips?

The 22-year-old is a resident of the city of Austin, Texas, United States. Before the radical change, she worked as an optician for a period of 2 years, and loved to play pretend to be a dog. Well, it seems that the joke was actually a rehearsal for what was to come.
How did it all happen?

Jenna paid a visit to a convention, there he met 2 men, who were playing dog. Seeing that scene, the young woman felt inspired to also release her animal side.

The profile created was so successful, that what at first was a hobby, became something bigger.

The American started posting more and more videos about her talent on social networks. And soon the videos started to make money for the young woman, who earns an average of R $ 107.00 dollars monthly from each subscriber, who see this canine side of the young woman, as a gesture of great love and admiration for the Pets.

The young woman said her monthly earnings are currently 6 digits.

In her videos she really incorporates a puppy. Run after the ball, jump, bark and even bathe like a dog.

In an interview she said:

I feel like a dog. I just want to roll, play and run. Always agile like a dog, but not sexually. I really love hearing compliments. I love to hear good girl, it makes my heart melt every time.