Sunday, June 28, 2020

did you know what was the first hotels in Disney land?

did you know what was the first hotels in Disney land?

During the spring of 1954, Walt Disney approached leading oil speculator and TV Jack Wrather on the possibility of building housing for the many guests who visit Walt expects its "theme park" innovative Texas, then under construction in Anaheim, California . Of "Imagineering" and build Disneyland take almost every penny he has, Walt approached Jack, hoping that his longtime friend would be willing to take a risk. Wrather was the producer Lacy, Lone Ranger, and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, and popular TV shows of 1950.

Hilton executives had originally approached Walt chains and other famous series, hoping to convince them to fund the construction of a first class hotel adjacent to Disneyland. However, there was a general consensus that such a project was too risky. Nobody knew what quickly became known as "Disney's Folly" will be successful.

In 1954, Anaheim was a known community, largely composed of orange groves. The whole town was just seven motels, inns and absorb only a total of 87 people. Wrather admitted at the time he was a little skeptical about the building as such, next to the garden theme of small (about 30,000) and unfinished experimental community. Doubts were also raised the fact that the risky adventure rejected by more than one key chain.

Wrather spent several days with Walt Disney, looking at the potential of the region for expansion. Legend has it that Walt had tears in his eyes when he described his dream of Disneyland to Wrather. With a sense of adventure, Wrather became convinced that the idea could be a success. Also, with Walt showing such passion and dedication to your project, and I could not resist Wrather?

He was one of the first discussions between the two friends where it should be located in the hotel. Wrather spoke for the first time to put it near the entrance of Disneyland. Walt said: "Jack, our customers do not think in a hotel when they begin their visit to Disneyland will start looking for a room when you leave the park the best place to build your hotel is near the exit to Disneyland .. ". Wrather agreed with the logic of Walt and leased 60 hectares of land owned by Disney in West Street against Disneyland. There, they built what was known as the "Official Hotel of the Magic Kingdom."