Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walt Disney Hotels and tourism in Disney land

In a press conference held in 1960, it was announced Jack Wrather and Walt Disney plans to expand the Disneyland monorail system to connect the hotel garden Alweg. Walt could imagine long fast system for the transfer of the principal cities of the United States, it will be in addition to the monorail to provide a model for action. Dick Nunis, who worked his way from a summer in 1955 to become president of Disneyland in 1980 jobs, said he saw Walt electric train for more than attractive. Walt saw the transportation system aÊworkable. He wanted to prove his ability and rapid transport in urban areas, and provides to extend the monorail to the hotel.

The park was closed for construction of the monorail, April 10, 1961, was also in the Disneyland Autopia closed to facilitate the installation of new towers across its causes. Original route 8/10 A one-mile stretch of between 12 and 300 feet, which is about two and a half kilometers and forth between the hotel garden. The cost of the expansion $ 1900000 ($ 500,000 more than the original cost of the monorail at Disneyland when it was installed earlier in less than two years). Construction took more than 118,000 hours, 10,760 tons of sand, 66,700 bags of cement and 702 tons of steel. Trains is introduced Mark II new style electric train project expanded, including a new set of gold. Monorail, with its extension to the Disneyland Hotel, reopened on 1 June 1961.

Expansions are planned for other large hotel in the 1960s and was, including a new golf course with 18 holes by three courses, a driving range of 50 T, and a mini golf course with holes with individual place names Disneyland. It was the preferred hole # 5, which featured a miniature version of the Matterhorn mountain course. He also added at that time was a helicopter landing area between Los Angeles International Airport to Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel. The new facility provides an efficient transport link for both business and leisure. Soon, LAA Airways worked an average of 12 daily flights to and from the airport 28 passenger lines have a turbine helicopter.

In 1961, the Wrather Corporation public, offering 350,000 shares. He was President and Chairman Jack Wrather Corporation Wrather has grown to include four main divisions: television, movies, Disneyland Hotel, Inc. common (and often satirized elevator music) and Stephen Marina, Inc. and the company also participated in management services to various companies other marine list.