Saturday, August 23, 2014

What You didn't know about India Travel & Tourism

Hello to you in India, one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.
Tourists from around the world visit this country is not without reason.
 There are plenty of options for tourism in India. The country has a lot of tourism options that can be enjoyed in travel and tours to India.


  • Hill Station Tourism Tourism Tourism Tourism Tourism
  • Adventure
  • Heritage
  • Wildlife Care Cheers tourism or medical tourism tourism tourism
  • Wedding 
  • Village 
  • Pilgrimage 
  • Special interest tourism tourism tourism
  • ethnic
  • Monsoon green tourism or ecotourism, etc

are some of the options are very popular in India and can experience very his rounds in India. The whole country is full of wonderful attractions and never fails to attract visitors.

During travel and tours in India will have a wonderful opportunity to mesmerizing blend of past and present. You see, blending tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.
 "When I came to India, inspired by the past and you can see the future" - President George W. Bush, New Delhi - March 3, 2006, India is known worldwide for its own unique culture and traditions. The people of India are generous and always attentive to their guests.
 India is a country of diversity and you can see the diversity in culture, tradition, cuisine, lifestyle, people, fashion, and language, climate, scenery, and so on anywhere County travel faces new charm and more at every step of your journey to India and trips.
There are lots of wonderful places that are among the top positions of the horizon of world tourism - Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala and Kashmir, Shimla, Manali, Ooty, Munnar, New Delhi, Uttaranhal, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Mysore, Bangalore, etc.

 they are also known tourism destinations in India. Rajasthan - the land of kings and monuments is famous worldwide for a rich culture, custom and tradition.

It is one of the most visited states of India. It has a lot of attractions and persevered to offer its visitors. Impregnable forts, elegant palaces, terrific temples, stunning havellis, traditional villages and camel safari in the Thar desert, wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves, which are the main attractions of Rajasthan travel. In the promotion of tourism in Rajasthan India Tourism plays an important role.