Saturday, August 23, 2014

what do you know about Anaheim skyline

Anaheim skyline was also about to undergo a major change in 1961 when the concept of "building" replaces the term "build on." At the Disneyland Hotel, a 11-storey tower, built in height. It in addition to a new hotel 
complex of 150 rooms. currently, the building was the tallest building in the province and the tallest building in the country using the method of post-tensioned slab depth. the latest innovations and exciting exterior glass elevator, and one of the few that were built at that time in this country. Designer, architect Kurt Weber, to raise that glass offers a breathtaking view of the growing community of Anaheim. He also took guests to the top of the garden, which featured breathtaking views of Disneyland. Lobby offers drinks and nightly entertainment in the grounds of the blues. Built for the less adventurous, and a monorail, which was located next to the monorail station on the second floor. Broke ground for the new building of the tower in October 1961 was the completion of the project after less than a year, in September 1962, at the time, and also we have added two structures in the garden of the hotel.

In 1962, rates ranged from $ 17 for a room with a double bed and $ 53 for the two neighboring luxury and medium during holiday periods, holidays, $ 10 to $ 47 during the offseason. There were new rates for the construction of the tower. A price room with two single beds in the rental fee of $ 35 to $ 24 for a room with two double beds. Off-season, tower rooms were priced from $ 20 to 26

Orange County celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1964 at a press conference held at the Disneyland Hotel, it was announced that Major League Baseball was coming to Anaheim. Angels continue to play in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium until a new stadium was built in Anaheim in about two years. During his first year in Anaheim, the Angels lead the American League in attendance, attracting over a million fans.

In 1964, during the holiday season, and room rates were $ 17 for a single and $ 53 for a deluxe room with an adjoining room a semester, and $ 30 for a deluxe room only. Been announced for rates $ 10 winter for a small room to $ 49 for a deluxe room with adjacent areas. The rates of the tower from $ 24 to $ 35 during peak season and $ 20 to $ 28 during the offseason. Now known as the high season from 1 June -   December to 3 January to