Top New 3D Mesh Booty Leggings and Butt Enhance in 2021


 So, the first picture is with a flash. For the price I like these pants and I will keep them. However, the reason I took a star off is because I feel like after taking the picture that it's a little too revealing of my skin. 


But, I'm pretty ballsy so I will still wear them out in public. It always feels good to feel like you look good.


 It's hard to really know what your rear end looks like in leggings or pants because we can only see from pretty much a side view when looking in the mirror. I initially saw these leggings on an ad on Facebook and I have had bad luck with ordering things off of ads on Facebook, so I looked on Amazon and found the pretty much exact same ones and I will say I am way more comfortable with my decision to order off of Amazon rather than Facebook. Plus I get the 2-day shipping. 


I will say that I first tried these on with my panties on and I didn't like the panty lines. The pictures that I took are with no panties. I don't like wearing thongs so I decided just to go commando. 

I think in the picture it looks like the middle seam is riding up my butt, but in all honesty it does not feel like that at all. I think it just looks that way. 

I would definitely recommend these, however they are no miracle leggings. If you already are slightly well-endowed in the back area then I think they will give you a little bit more enhancement.





Women's High Waist Yoga Pants Scrunched Booty Leggings Workout Running Butt Enhance Textured Tights 


 -We focus on sports clothing (yoga leggings, tank tops, socks) for more than 20 years. -Many new styles come out each season with lightweight, stretchy, abrasion-resistant, breathable materials. -You will find unique style, exquisite design, and comfortable material in our outfits. -It is committed to meet customer demands, so that we can offer you the high quality products with good value.

#3 Diamond Textured

  • Material: Polyester+Spandex. Quick-dry, stretchy, breathable, anti-pilling, comfy and sweat-wicking fabric.
  • Attractive Design: diamond pattern textured,Designed with arresting lines on the back to enhance your natural shape and enough compression to shape and lift while allowing your body to comfortably move without feeling restricted.
  • Sexy Butt lifting push up high waisted leggings for women, lifting yoga pants, gym shapewear tights, workout running pants, skinny leggings.Stretch fabric for maximum comfort.

I love these pants they make my butt look amazing. 
They only thing is they do not look the same as the picture the colors are totally different. They colors are brighter in person more of a cheaper look.
 I expected a more Metallic color. They look more like ethnic bright pants. Reminds me of Indian pants, the colors together, very bright.
 I actually just wear these at home I would stand out too much in public lol. I do love wearing these at home super comfy and sexy. I will say they boost up my confidence. I think I will wear them out this summer






Top New 3D Mesh Booty Leggings and Butt Enhance in 2021 Top New 3D Mesh Booty Leggings and Butt Enhance in 2021 Reviewed by Admin on 10:05 PM Rating: 5
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