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 If we take a fast look around the crypto world today, we can see that cloud mining is a hot subject in some cryptocurrency mining circles. 
People are becoming increasingly interested in learning more about cloud mining sites, including how it operates, who the service providers are, and how much it costs. 
Naturally, many people gravitate toward free cloud mining because it appears to be the most appealing alternative available.

In this guide, we'll go over all there is to know about cloud mining. We'll go over both the fundamentals and the more in-depth details. I'll send you some examples of the best free cloud mining sites providers, both paid and free, along the way.
 By the way, free cloud mining is an option; alternatively, you can invest in cryptocurrencies and begin trading immediately by using a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, such as  Coinbase, Binance review and Coinmama. 

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What is Cloud Mining, and how does it work?

Cloud mining is commonly known as a cryptocurrency mining service that is performed remotely. Hosts (people who own and sell cloud mining services) with farms provide this service (huge collections of mining rigs, usually held in big, designated facilities).
Big companies that specialize in cloud mining are typically the hosts. 
These companies purchase a large quantity of mining rig hardware (GPUs, motherboards, processors, and so on) and assemble hundreds of rigs. Naturally, they are housed in appropriately sized structures, such as massive garages, warehouses, and so on. The type of building does not matter; the only requirements are low energy bills and adequate cooling.

Free Cloud Mining sites

The biggest question when it comes to free Bitcoin cloud mining is whether it is worthwhile.

Free cloud mining allows people to get their feet wet in the world of cryptocurrency mining without having to pay any upfront fees. 
When you Google "Bitcoin cloud mining free",  hundreds of websites appear, all offering their expertise and services in the field of free cloud mining.

The way free cloud mining works is that, though there are no upfront expenses, hosts take a percentage of your monthly revenue in addition to power and maintenance costs. When it comes to cloud Bitcoin mining, this becomes even more of a problem.

Top Free Cloud Mining Sites

We will speak about some of the more notable free cloud mining companies and sites now that you have a general understanding of what paying and free Bitcoin cloud mining is (and the pros and cons of the two forms of mining).

  1. Free Cloud Mining Sites

StormGain Free Cloud Miner : On the first 90 hours, you can earn a 3 USDT bonus plus a 4 USDT bonus.
So simply register, then go to "Miner," then press "Start Mining" every 4 hours, and ez BTC Withdraw from $10 - ez first withdraw due to Referral Bonus + Joining Bonus (=7USDT) Mine for $3 more.
  Since StormGain is a trading site, you can directly reinvest your mining profits in crypto trading. I recommend joining a crypto signal community, then simply following their instructions (VERY EASY). From there, you can start increasing your money by mining and reinvesting your profits every day.

and Follow those steps its easy .. 

شرح stormgain

After SingUp ,and  Verifying Your Account Go Directely to the top Of the Page and 

Click On Miner, Check Every 3 Hours To Enter Some captcha

Take your time when choosing a good host, whether it's for free or for a fee. Examining their security measures is one method of doing so. Some businesses have inadequate protection or have a history of being hacked or broken into.

It doesn't matter whether those companies' hash rates are insanely high or if they have the most attractive interfaces if they aren't trustworthy.

Isn't it irrelevant what the web looks like if all of your sales and earnings are stolen? Consider what would happen if you paid for a cloud mining service. In this scenario, not only will you risk losing your cryptocurrency, but your credit card will also be compromised.

Keep in mind that if you want to keep your cryptocurrencies secure, you can use a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X or the Trezor Model T.

Overall, ideally you now have a better understanding of cloud mining for free. There are so many choices on the market that it can be difficult to choose only one. You should be fine if you do your homework and keep a critical attitude.

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