Top 6 American Serial Killers

Many years ago we wrote the definitive list of Serial Killers. That 2007 list ranked killers based on a variety of factors, only one of which was death toll. It covered a variety of nations. This new list is a little more precise: focussing on American male killers only and ranking based on verified death toll. Consider this a bit of housekeeping. A future list will look at female killers, though there is only one who had sufficient kills to be included on this list based on death toll and she is added as a bonus item.

10Paul John Knowles

Proven Death Toll: 18
Presumptive Death Toll: > 35
Years Active: 1974
Paul John Knowles murdered anywhere between 18 and 35 women. He was killed in 1974 while in custody after attempting to grab the handgun off the sheriff escorting him. At least one woman who met Knowles described him as “ruggedly handsome,” hence the name Casanova Killer. There was another woman in Knowles’ life who also survived her encounter, thanks to the warning of a psychic .
Her name was Angela Covic. A recent California divorcee, she started corresponding with Knowles during the early 1970s while he was in prison for lesser convictions. Thinking she had found her dream man, Covic used her money to provide legal counsel for Knowles, and in May 1974, secured his release on parole. Out of Florida State Prison in Raiford, Knowles flew to San Francisco to meet his bride-to-be. In the meantime, however, Covic had consulted with a psychic who warned her of a new, dangerous man entering her life.
She soon broke off the engagement after meeting Knowles in person. The Casanova Killer later claimed the rejection made him so angry he went out and killed three people that night, although this has not been verified.

9William Bonin

Proven Death Toll: 21
Presumptive Death Toll: > 36
Years Active: 1979–1980
One of the lesser-known serial killers, William Bonin, was nicknamed “The Freeway Killer”. Like the “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez and the “Hillside Stranglers” Angelo Buono Jr. and Kenneth Bianchi, Bonin employed the vast Los Angeles and Orange County freeway systems to pick up his victims and later dispose of their bodies.
Bonin ended up killing at least 21 youths in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The murder of 15-year-old Donald Ray Hyden stands out as especially brutal.
August 27, 1979, was Hyden’s last night alive. He was last seen on Santa Monica Boulevard at around 1:00 AM. Later that day, his lifeless body was found beaten and strangled in a dumpster. There was evidence that Bonin had attempted to remove the boy’s testicles while he was still alive and that he had been sodomized.
This wasn’t unusual for Bonin as he liked to torture his victims with ice picks and coat hangers before strangling them to death with their own T-shirts. Bonin also attempted to slash Hyden’s throat.

6 Patrick Kearney

Proven Death Toll: 21
Presumptive Death Toll: > 43
Years Active: 1965–1977
Kearney joins William Bonin and Randy Kraft in the dubious achievement of being nicknamed “The Freeway Killer”. Born in 1934, Patrick Kearney preyed on young men (the youngest of whom was 8) he picked up along freeways or at gay bars. Kearney was a necrophile and he was strongly averse to inflicting pain on his victims so he developed a technique of shooting them in the temple whilst driving. He would then drive to a secluded place to have sex with their corpses.
He would often beat his victim’s lifeless bodies in a macabre way of getting back at the bullies who made fun of his 5’5″ height in his high school years. He was meticulous in his clean up. He would mutilate and cut his victims into pieces with a hacksaw and he would dispose of the parts along various stops on the highway as well as in industrial areas.
He was caught when his live-in lover, David Hill, gave his address to a young man for a hookup. The young man told his family the address prior to departing and upon his disappearance the information was handed to the police. Due to a plea bargain, Kearney was spared the death penalty and is incarcerated in California where he will remain until he is dead.

7Earle Nelson

Proven Death Toll: 22
Presumptive Death Toll: 25
Years Active: 1926–1927
Earle Leonard Nelson was known as The Gorilla Killer (May 12, 1897 – January 13, 1928). Around the age of 10, Nelson collided with a streetcar while riding his bicycle and remained unconscious for six days. After he awoke, his behavior became erratic and he suffered from frequent headaches and memory loss. He began his criminal behavior early, and he was sentenced to two years in San Quentin State Prison, in 1915, after breaking into a cabin he believed to be abandoned. He later spent time in mental institutions.
Nelson began engaging in sex crimes when he was 21 years old. In 1921, he attempted to molest a 12-year-old girl named Mary Summers, but he was thwarted when she screamed and brought attention to him. He was committed to a mental hospital again, but when he was released in 1925, he began his killing spree. Nelson’s victims were mostly landladies, whom he would approach on the premise of renting a room. Once he gained their trust, he would kill them, almost always by strangling them, and engage in necrophilia with their corpse.
He would often hide the body, leaving the corpse under the nearest bed for days. He went on to murder more than 20 people and was finally caught and hanged, in 1928.

Ronald Dominique

Proven Death Toll: 23
Presumptive Death Toll: > 23
Years Active: 1997–2006
In 1997, Ronald Dominique embarked on a decade-long killing spree that might have claimed as many as 23 lives. When he was arrested in 2006, he was charged with eight murders and condemned to eight life sentences. However, while in custody, Dominique confessed to the murders of 23 gay men whom he’d picked up in gay bars around the Bayou Blue area in Louisiana. Police think that the final count may be even higher than that and are still looking at him as a suspect in other cases.
Dominique would target gay men and offer them money in exchange for sex. Those who refused, he overpowered and raped. He says he began killing his victims to ensure that they did not report him to the police. He had been previously incarcerated on a rape charge in 1996 and was finally caught in 2006 when a potential victim refused to let Dominique tie him up and then reported him to the police.

5Juan Corona

Proven Death Toll: 25
Presumptive Death Toll: > 25
Years Active: 1971
Born in Mexico, Juan Corona moved to the United States in the 1950s. In 1962, he was hired on as a labor contractor at some fruit orchards in Yuba City, California, which had a population of about 13,000. He eventually set up his own business, supplying seasonal laborers to the local farmers.
On May 19, 1971, a peach farmer named Goro Kagehiro noticed an unusual hole, about the size of a man, in his orchard near Yuba City. The next day, the hole had been filled in. Concerned, Kagehiro called the police, who discovered the mutilated body of Kenneth Whiteacre. Four days later, the bodies of nine more men were found in shallow graves in the orchards. All of them had been hacked or stabbed to death, most likely with a machete. A number of the men were found with their pants pulled down around their ankles, suggesting a sexual motive. Along with the bodies were two receipts signed by Juan Corona.
Altogether, the police unearthed 25 bodies and eyewitnesses were able to link many of the victims to Corona. Circumstantial evidence was found in his home, including a possible murder weapons and ledgers containing the victims’ names. He was convicted in 1973, but the verdict was overturned in 1978 due to problems with his original lawyer. He was found guilty again in 1982 and received 25 concurrent life sentences.
At the time of the murders, Corona was the most prolific serial killer in the United States. He has applied for parole a number of times, the latest in 2011. All of the applications have been denied.

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